Don't be a RFID Victim with these 4 Tips

Here at Piero Lorenzo, we take RFID security seriously. Whether it is a RFID-enabled credit card, an office access badge, or even a RFID-embedded passport, we believe it is always better to be safe than sorry. A few minutes spent learning about RFID risk can prevent hours of RFID hacking damage down the road. We want to present these 4 tips to help you keep your RFID-enabled items secure.

1. Put Two RFID Credit Cards in Your Wallet
When those scanners run into a pair of those little chips, they get confused and the data gets all discombobulated.


2. Put a Piece of Tin Foil in Your Wallet
This has got to be the most interesting idea. It sounds crazy , but the metallic tin foil keeps the RFID scanner from reading your credit card. They also make DataSafe Wallets made of material that blocks the readers. But it’s probably much cheaper to go with the tin foil.

3. Keep An Eye on Your Credit Card Statements
This is something you should be doing no matter what. There are plenty of ways a crook can steal you credit card information and use it to commit identity theft. None of the other three methods are 100% foolproof. But if you notice something is fishing on your credit card statement, you’ll be able to stop the thief before too much more damage is committed.

4. Use RFID Blocking Wallets and Card Protection Sleeves
Ready-made RFID protection sleeves and wallets are available that block RFID signals. Experts recommend that a thin metalized nylon found in RFID shield wallets could work.