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Skin Tag and Acne Remover Patches, 108 Top-Grade Skin Tag Removal Patches+1 Pen, Skin Tags Dry and Fall Away

  • Skin Tags Dries and Fall Off: FAITH BEAUTY skin tag remover patches work by shrinking and drying the tags until they fall off naturally. It is an ideal skin tag remover for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
  • Pain Free and Permanent: Applying FAITH BEAUTY skin tag patch is completely pain free, and will remove your skin tag permanently.
  • Transparent, Waterproof and Strong Adhesive: FAITH BEAUTY skin tag remover patches are made of super slim clear material and sticks well in a rain or shine condition. No need to worry about sweating or getting it wet. Sticks and stays on the skin well.
  • Easy to Use: Just clean the affected area with warm water and dry it completely. Apply FAITH BEAUTY skin tags remover patch on desired area, pat a few times gently. Repeat 1-2 times a day. The skin tags will simply dry up and fall off. Replace skin tags removal patch when it changes color or dries completely.
  • Leave New Skin: It uses keratolytic action to shrink and remove layers of the skin tag. Your skin will be smooth, clean and clear.


Tag Remover, 108 Top-Grade Skin Tag Removal Patches+1 Pen, Skin Tags Dry and Fall Away, Skin Tag Removal treatment, .

Our Skin Tag Remover Patches contains a powerful blend of premium ingredients. The skin tag remover contains a medicated patch to cover the skin tag. The skin tag will be gone after a few days. The removal of the skin tag will also ease pain.

Skin Tag Remover Pads Product Directions:

1. Wash the affected area. Pat dry thoroughly.

2. Cut the medicated patch to fit the skin tag (if desired).

3. Firmly position the medicated patch over the skin tag. The adhesive patch will stick to the skin.

4. Repeat every day until the skin tag disappears (up to 14 days).

5. You may soak the skin tag in warm water for 5 minutes to assist with removal.

Skin Tag Remover Patch Use:

1. For the removal of skin tags

2. To relieve pain by removing skin tags

Skin Tag Remover Pads Package list:

Box contains 108 skin tags remover patch

Skin tag removal Pen

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